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Catering Cups & Mini Dishes

Catering Cups & Mini Dishes

Catering Plastic Cups and Mini Dishes

Mini Dishes and Plastic Cups

Do you have an event or gathering coming up and you need unique catering food supplies to wow your guests? Take a look at our vast selection of high-quality disposable catering plastic cups and mini-dishes that are perfect for events, hotels, restaurants, and even take-out and coffee shops. Our disposable catering tableware gives you an easy, yet elegant set of dishes that will make the after-party cleanup a lot easier. Save time and energy with 100 % recyclable catering cups and mini-dishes and have more time with your guests!

Regardless of the event you need catering mini-cups and dishes for, you find a vast range and models of unique catering supplies that will fit every type of event, without ever looking cheap. Take a look at some of our most prized disposable cups and mini-dishes:

Each disposable plastic cups and dishes are made at Solia with a unique design and materials that are not only disposable and recyclable, but heat resistant. Each piece is highly durable and has an appealing, glassy aspect. Recyclable catering glasses and dishes will fit any type of event : reception, hotel catering, wedding, catering business, coffee shops and much more. Buy them our wholesale catering supplies and benefit from our low prices!

If you have questions about our disposable catering glasses and mini-dishes, or about Solia’s services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Buy online and obtain free shipping on all $500 orders!


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