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Disposable Cocktail Glasses USA

Find the perfect disposable cocktail glasses and cups, made of glass and plastic, ideal to serve drinks at wedding, receptions, restaurants, and picnics. Shop online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with all $500 orders.

What’s more embarrassing for a caterer than serving fancy and delicious cocktails in low-quality cheap plastic glasses than can easily break and that are not practical? Solia’s disposable cocktail glasses and cups will not only amaze your guests, but are also one-of-a-kind, unbreakable glasses and cups, that are 100 % recyclable and reusable. Our exclusive collection of cocktail glasses and cups includes disposable plastic cocktail glasses, disposable tumbler tall glasses, disposable tumbler tasting cups, mini tonnelet real-glass cups, and much more.

Being both eco-responsible and creative, our team works tirelessly to create the most amazing disposable cocktail glasses. Each cocktail glass and cup is made with high-quality unbreakable plastic and highly resistant glass, that are sustainable, that can support temperature variations, and that are entirely recyclable and reusable. Wow your guests with our disposable cocktail glasses and cups at restaurants, bars, by the poolside, parties, weddings, social events; the sky’s the limit.

Get your disposable cocktail glasses and cups in bulk at an affordable cost with our wholesale prices. If you want to learn more about our recyclable and reusable cocktail glasses and cups, or if your need more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us. Shop and buy online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 and plus orders.


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