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Eco-friendly takeout containers USA

Find the best eco-friendly takeout containers, punnets, fries pocket, trays, boxes, coffee cups, and more for your takeout restaurant, coffee shop, or bistro, made with 100 % recyclable cardboard, plastic, and cellulose. Buy online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 orders.

Whether in fast food, coffee shops or bistros, more and more restaurants are offering their customers the option of takeaway meals. However, it is important to offer your customers take-out containers that are durable, solid, elegant and environmentally friendly. Take a look at our exclusive and extensive collection of high-quality eco-friendly takeout containers that includes laminated cellulose carrier with lid, recyclable burger boxes, cardboard fries pockets, disposable sandwich box, multi-section plastic trays and more. All our eco-friendly takeout containers are made with 100 % recyclable cardboard, plastic and cellulose, and are made to support temperature variations (some models are microwavable.)

Solia's team works tirelessly to create eco-friendly takeout food containers that are high-quality, durable, elegant, and adapted to any food-related business, without compromising on the quality. You can use our eco-friendly takeout containers for your restaurant, your food truck, your fast food restaurant, your coffee shop, your bistro, and many more.

Get your eco-friendly takeout containers in bulk at an affordable cost with our wholesale prices. If you want to learn more about our disposable takeout containers, or if your need more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us. Buy online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 and plus orders.


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