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Eco-Friendly Catering Tableware

Eco-Friendly Catering Tableware

Eco-Friendly Food Catering Supplies

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Supplies

The environment has become a major concern, even in the catering business. Find a wide variety of eco-friendly food packaging supplies for catering, restaurant, takeout, coffee shops, and parties. Each food catering and packaging will impress your guests in a simple and attractive way, while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Each eco-friendly food catering supply is made with sugarcane pulp, bamboo, and palm leaf to be 100 % compostable and recyclable.

Whether you need compostable bowls, dishes, cones or utensils, our eco-friendly catering supplies has something for every event host, restaurant owner, or food takeout business.

Benefit from our wholesale rates on eco-friendly disposable food catering supplies, and plan your next event without busting your budget! If you have questions on our recyclable and compostable food catering products or if you need more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Order and buy online, and get free and fast shipping everywhere in the United States with all $500+ orders.


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