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Compostable tableware USA

Get the best compostable tableware, plates, trays, bowls, baking papers molds, cutlery and more, made with 100 % compostable palm leaf, bamboo, and sugarcane pulp, for restaurants, catering businesses, coffee shops, food trucks and more. Buy online and obtain free shipping in the USA with $500 orders.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for food companies to use green methods to serve their products. Whether it is for a catering company, a food truck, a restaurant, a café or a bistro, you can now offer your customers refined, easy-to-use tableware, but above all 100% compostable. Check out our unique extensive collection of compostable catering supplies will inspire your customers and guests by their beautiful design. Each compostable tableware piece is made of bamboo, sugarcane pulp and palm leaf, materials that are 100 % biodegradable. Our selection includes bamboo cocktail plates, mini bamboo steamers, bamboo leaf mini dishes, bamboo skewers, palm leaf plates, palm leaf bowls, sugarcane pulp Thai bowl, sugarcane pulp food container, sugarcane pulp ramekin, bamboo leaf cones, wooden cutlery, and more.

The Solia works hard to design high-quality biodegradable tableware with the highest quality standards with high standards of durability and sustainability. All our building materials are 100 % natural and organic bamboo, palm leaf, sugarcane pulp, and wood, for the improved compostable capacity and their sturdiness. Our elegant compostable tableware supplies are made to fit any occasion or purpose : catering, business, hotel restaurant, takeout restaurant, food truck, wedding, cocktail party, bakery, coffee shop and much more!

Get your compostable tableware in bulk at an affordable cost with our wholesale prices. If you need more information about our compostable tableware supplies, or if you have questions about our services and prices, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Shop and buy online to obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 and plus orders.


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