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If you work in the field of fast food, in a bistro, restaurant, café, pastry shop, bakeryand cafeteria, you want to offer your customers disposable takeout packaging that is strong, elegant and environmentally friendly. Did you know that customers are more likely to buy food from you if you offer recyclable and biodegradable takeout packaging? At Solia, we will provide you with a vast selection of disposable takeout packaging that is practical, strong and 100 % recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

With this guide, you can find all the packaging opportunities that are available for you, in terms of recyclable and compostable materials and takeout packaging for meals, pastries, desserts, and beverages.

What are the recyclable and compostable materials used for disposable takeout packaging?

Contrary to what you might think, plastic is not the only recyclable and/or compostable material that is available for disposable takeout packaging. Let us introduce you to the different materials available to you so that you can offer more variety to your customers.

Eco-Friendly Plastic

Nowadays, plastic has become much easier to dispose and to recycle. It is also highly versatile and can withstand high and low temperatures. Solia creates disposable plastic sectioned trays, plastic salad bowls, plastic cups, plastic jars and more, that are 100 % reusable and recyclable.

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Eco-Friendly Plastic

When it comes to disposable takeout packaging, eco-friendly cardboard remains the most popular material. However, Solia doesn’t use your average-looking cardboard to create its amazing disposable cardboard takeout packaging. Our cardboard is highly durable, elegant, and moisture-resistant. It is also microwavable and 100 % recyclable. Our eco-friendly cardboard packaging is ideal for takeout restaurants, bistros, pastry shops, cafeterias, bakeries, and more!

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Sugarcane Pulp

Although it is still unknown in the field of takeout packaging, sugarcane pulp remains an option of choice for take-out restaurant owners, bistros, cafeterias, bakeries, bakeries and coffee shops. Using disposable sugarcane pulp takeout packaging reduces pollution and energy consumption. Sugarcane pulp is microwave safe, can handle oily, cold, or hot food and can withstand temperature variations from 10°F to 428°F. Finally, it is 100 % compostable. We areproud to provide you with a remarkable selection of sugarcane laminated containers, laminate cellulose containers, sugarcane ramekins with lids and more!

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What are the types of disposable takeout packaging that I should get?

It depends entirely on the use you want to make of it. Your take-out packaging will bedifferent depending on whether you use it in a fast food chain, bistro, bakery or candy shop. However, we offer you an overview of the different types of disposable, recyclable and compostable take-out packaging that you can purchase and that will suit your company's needs.

Disposable fast food packaging

Fast food restaurants are still popular with consumers, as they increasingly offer recyclable and/or reusable packaging options. You can equip your restaurant with a wide range of disposable fast food packaging that is elegant, strong and easy to recycle. Our collection includes cardboard burger boxes, cardboard French fries’ pockets, fast food trays, cardboard pizza slice box, and more!

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Disposable salad containers

As people become more concerned about their health and nutrition, more and more take-out restaurants are offering delicious prepared and ready-to-go salads. Offer your customers a healthy option with disposable take-out salad containers. They will keep the food fresh and you can offer your customers a crisp and delicious salad in a recyclable and elegant container.

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Disposable sandwich containers

When John Montagu, 4th Earlof Sandwich, "invented" the sandwich in 1762, he never thought that this simple dish would have survived to this day. Most bistros, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries offer fresh sandwiches of the day, carefully prepared for customers. We offer a variety of disposable sandwich containers that are refined, practical and 100% recyclable. Offer your customers sandwich containers that will keep their meals fresh and delicious for a long time.

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Disposable plastic containers

Whether you work in a cafeteria, café, restaurant or bistro, you have at one time or another used disposable plastic containers to displayand servefood. The plastic container remains practical, versatile and can keep food fresh, such as cut fruit, salads or vegetables. We offer a wide range of disposable plastic containers in many formats, fully recyclable and reusable.Our collection also includes smaller containers that can be used to offer sauces, and vinaigrettes with your meals.

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Disposable soup containers

When the days start to cool down, what better way to offer your customers a delicious soup or a velvety soup that they can enjoy anywhere, than elegant disposable soup containers? Solia's disposable soup containers are made of solid materials (sugarcane pulp, plastic and cardboard) that can retain heat for some time. In addition, they are available in different and sizes so you can offer more variety to your customers. All our disposable soup containers are 100% recyclable and some models can be heated in the microwave.

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Disposable cardboard punnets

If you were in the restaurant business, you want to be able to offer a variety of dishes in different formats. Solia's disposable cardboard trays allow you to serve food in an elegant and practical way. We use a cardboard that is extremely resistant to temperature variations, keeps the food fresh and is fully recyclable. Disposable cardboard trays will be useful for sandwiches, burgers, bagels, salads and more.

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Disposable coffee cups

Discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century, coffee has become an internationally known and privileged drink by many workers who start their day early. Offer your customers elegant disposable coffee cups so they can enjoy their coffee (or tea) in an elegantand practical way. All disposable coffee cups are made of highly solid cardboard, which is heat-resistant, microwavableand 100% recyclable. We also offer you lids that are also fully recyclable.

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Disposable pastry and desserts packaging

Whether you work in a restaurant, a bakery, a pastry shop, or a chocolate shop, you like to see your customers leave with a smile on their faces with desserts, pastries, or small sweets that they will taste or offer as gifts. Solia offers you top quality disposable pastry and dessert containers. Our disposable dessert packaging aremade of solid and resistant materials (wood, cardboard and plastic), which are all recyclable and/or reusable.

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Disposable food trays

When you work in an environment where food is served to customers daily, you want to offer them complete and satisfying meals that are easy to transport and use. Solia offers a variety of disposable food trays that are resistant, practical and refined, all disposable trays are made of fully recyclable and/or reusable materials (sugarcane, plastic, cardboard). Offer your customers disposable food trays that they can take anywhere to enjoy their meal in peace and quiet.

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Disposable takeout utensils and cutlery

Whether in a cafeteria, fast food restaurant, bistro, coffee shop, or food truck, utensils are essential tools to have when offering take-out food. Solia gives you the opportunity to offer your customers high quality disposable takeout utensils and cutlery that are practical and stylish. All utensils are made of resistant materials, which can withstand temperature variations and are built from 100% recyclable and/or reusable materials.

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