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Disposable Sugarcane Bowls USA

Find the perfect disposable sugarcane bowls and dishes, that are 100 % compostable, for your events, picnics, buffets, cocktail parties, catering needs, and takeout restaurants. Buy online and get free shipping everywhere in the USA with all $500 orders.

For a few years now, eco-friendly sugarcane pulp has entered the food and catering industry; their green features, durability, and style are a must-have for all caterers, restaurant owners, and event managers. Take this opportunity to impress your guests and customers with our exclusive collection of disposable sugarcane bowls and mini bowls. Our original collections includes sugarcane Ming soup bowls, sugarcane mini salad bowls, sugarcane cocoon bowls, sugarcane large salad bowls and much more.

When creating new sugarcane bowl designs to meet the demands of our customers, two elements are mainly taken into consideration : our sugarcane bowls have to be stylish and biodegradable eco-friendly. Each disposable sugarcane bowl is made to be highly durable and strong, to support temperature variations, and to be 100 % compostable and biodegradable. Bring out your brand new disposable sugarcane bowls in buffets, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, receptions, cocktail parties; the sky’s the limit.

Get your disposable sugarcane bowls in bulk at an affordable cost with our wholesale prices. If you want to learn more about our biodegradable sugarcane plates, or if your need more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us. Shop and buy online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 and plus orders.


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