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Disposable Bamboo Plates USA

Get the perfect disposable and eco-friendly bamboo plates, ideal for food catering, receptions, events, and restaurants. Shop online and get free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 orders.

Bamboo dinnerware has appeared in the food and catering industry a few years ago and never ceased to amaze with its unique features. Impress your guests by your concern with the planet but also by providing them with Solia’s eco-friendly bamboo plates that are not only stunning looking, but are 100 % compostable. Our exclusive line of disposable bamboo plates includes bamboo cocktail plates, bamboo appetizer plates, bamboo mini dish for entrees, and more !

When it comes to create amazing disposable dinnerware, Solia’s team tends to be highly innovative and eco-responsible. We combine these two outstanding features to create bamboo plates and bowls that are durable, that can withstand temperature variations, and that are 100 % compostable. Bring our bamboo plates to receptions, catering events, picnics, takeout restaurants, spas to wow your guests!

Bamboo Cocktail Plate - Case of 80

Bamboo Leaf Plate for Appetizers - Case of 1000

Bamboo Mini Dishes for Entrees - Case of 1000

Bamboo Leaf Boat Dish - Case of 1000

Get your disposable bamboo plates and dishes in bulk at an affordable cost with our wholesale prices. If you want to learn more about our compostable bamboo plates, or if your need more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us. Shop and buy online and obtain free shipping everywhere in the United States (USA) with every $500 and plus orders.



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