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Aluminum cap for Nude Flask 350ml (Case of 100 pc)

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Solia Aluminum Cap for Nude 11.8oz Plastic Bottle (Case of 100). The Caps will perfectly match the catering single serving bottles and hermetically seal them for preparation or Takeaway. Flask Nude Plastic Bottle 11.8 oz available (item #: NUDEc)

This cap matches perfectly the Solia Recyclable Nude product! While hermetically sealing the bottle, this ergonomic cap is designed to secure your juices, sauces, mixes, and cocktails.

It allows you to offer a safe and convenient take-away service!

The CAP35c & NUDEc set is ideal to serve single size portions of vinaigrette during catering events, conventions, or restaurants.

The bottle is sold separately. (NUDEc)

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100 pc
Aluminum cap for Nude Flask 350ml (Case of 100 pc)
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