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Insert for Dessert Pot Cup BU30599c, (2 oz), H 0.9" x D 2.6"

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Insert for Dessert Pot Cup, 2 oz, PET plastic, recyclable. Product dimensions: 0.9 inch D by 2.6 inch D. (Sold in cases of 3000 pc).

This small compartment is a wonderful solutions for your organic yogurts, salads, and all of your favorite desserts! Made out of clear plastic, you can display the different granola, fruits, and garnishes of your choice. 

As you place this little insert on top of your cup, it will level out and rest onto the walls of the container. This cup insert perfectly fits its matching Dessert Pot Cup! (BU30599c)

This product is a very safe and convenient take-away solution. Its advanced design and conception allow a safe, convenient, and stable to-go service!

It is the perfect alternative for an organized and practical delightful dessert! 

This product is able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Solia Dessert Pot Cup sold separately, (BU30599c) 

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3,000 pc
2 oz
H 0.9" x D 2.6"
Heat Tolerance:
0°F 158°F
Insert for Dessert Pot Cup BU30599c, (2 oz),  H 0.9" x D 2.6"
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