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Plein Air Tray Clear Green with Lid (Case of 200 pc)

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Solia Recyclable Disposable Green Clear Plastic "Plein Air" Tray & Lid. Ideal for Take away Food, Food To-Go, Lunches & Picnics. Sold by cases of 200 pieces.

This tray is the perfect to-go solution! Made out of clear plastic, you can display the different elements of your meal and increase gastronomic curiosity! In addition. its green tint conveys an original, modern, and unique visual.

This rectangular box is made of three compartments in order to demarcate your three-course meal! It is a great alternative for take-away, picnics, food to-go, and lunches!

This product’s large volume leaves room for creativity and innovation! You can display and organize your entrees and desserts in various different ways. As an example, Chefs can directly place their culinary preparations within the box or they can use a set of plates and containers!

This lunch tray was designed and developed in order to offer quality and convenience to you and your customers.

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200 pc
Solia Plein Air Tray Clear Green + Lid
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