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Rectangular Wooden Punnet with Baking Paper, L 5.5" x W 3" x H 2" (Case of 150 pc)

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Solia Rectangular wooden punnet; Baking wooden Mold and baking paper. Oven proof, microwavable, it supports temps up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Eco-Friendly. Product Dimensions: 5.5 inch L by 3 inch W by H 2 inch H. Sold by cases of 150 pcs.

The Solia Rectangular Baking Mold with Punnet is ideal for your baked goods, quiches, and salty cakes! It is compostable. This baking paper mold comes with a wooden punnet that is biodegradable as well. It is the perfect natural dish solution for an environmental-friendly approach!

While the paper ensures the safe and successful baking of your olive cake, the wooden basket maintains the structure and desired shape of your paper mold.

With its advanced technology, this mold is able to withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very easy to store. The Solia Recyclable Paper Mold and Wooden punnet deliver a perfectly green baking experience!

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150 pc
L 5.5" x W 3" x H 2"
Wood & Parchment Paper
Heat Tolerance:
Up to 420°F
Rectangular Wooden Punnet with Baking Paper, L 5.5" x W 3" x  H 2" (Case of 150 pc)
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